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Full Moon

* Hardcover (Large) : 236 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 11.68 x 11.73
* Publisher: Knopf; (June 1999)
* ISBN: 0375406344

* Hardcover (Small): 236 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.21 x 8.64 x 8.46
* Publisher: Knopf; (November 5, 2002)
* ISBN: 0375414940

Front Cover

Back Cover
可以用「公仔書」來形容這本Full Moon,因為這本書圖佔了大部份,字少之有少。但不要以為這本書不值一看,相反的,這本書是一本我異常推薦的一本好書,原因正是當中的圖。

坊間的公仔書,即很多圖片的天文書也有不少,但你拿上手一看就會發現書的印刷很不對勁,解像度很差,明明原圖的解像度一點也不低,但印刷出了問題,又或者他們排版時已選用了低解像度的圖罷了。但這本Full Moon,你一翻開,你就會發覺到不同凡響的感覺,因為當中的相都是異常高解像度,完完全全地帶你進入一個從未看過的世界。

書中的全是阿波羅登月計劃的相片,因為六七十年代的技術有限,很多相片也只有hard copy,所以要一些高解像度的圖是很高難度的一件事。但Full Moon卻能做到,我要說,連太空總署原來也沒有這樣高質的相,可想而之,這本書有多珍貴。

我想正因為如此,我會把這本Full Moon放入Top 10的天文書列中。喜歡天文的你,一定不可以錯過。下面有一些書中的圖片可以看看。另外,也可以在找到更多這本書的資料。

I can use "picture book" to describe Full Moon, as images contributed as the major part of this book. Don't think that this book is not worth reading, indeed, it is on the contrary, this is an extraordinary book, because of the photos.

There are a lot of astronomy books contain lots of photos, but when you read them, you would find the images are not so good at all, but not because of the photo itself, because of the low resolution. And if you are familiarize with those photos, you would immediately notice that the original photo is not so small in resolution. It is really a very bad idea for the publisher and editor to ignore the importance of image resolution.

However, when you first look into Full Moon, you will find you're getting into a different world as you are already delighted by the spectacular images of the Moon taken from Apollo Mission. Normally, owing to the technological limitation in 1960s and 1970s, all images are only mostly available as hard copy and not so high resolution. However, Project Full Moon can turn those hard copies into very high resolution images. I can even tell you that, NASA even don't have such high resolution images before.

Since these reasons, I would rank this book as my list of Top 10 Astronomy Book. If you really love astronomy, you must not miss this book, miss the extraordinary journey to the Moon. Below are some photos in the book, and you can also find more book info or buy this book here.

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