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The Elegant Universe

* Hardcover: 448 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.54 x 9.58 x 6.47
* Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company; (February 1999)
* ISBN: 0393046885

* Paperback: 448 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.01 x 8.01 x 5.23
* Publisher: Vintage Books; (February 29, 2000)
* ISBN: 0375708111


超弦理論(superstring theory)是現時最能解釋宇宙間萬物的理論,把相對論和量子物理中的不相容問題解決,若果證實了超弦理論是對的,那麼它的影響會比相對論更深遠。





paperbackThis is one of my most favorite books. It introduced the complicated superstring in simple words, it's very worthreading. And this is the only book that I have bought a hardcover after I finish reading the paperback. You know, the prize difference is a double...

Superstring theory is one of the most amazing theory I have ever seen, it resolves the conflict between relativity and quantum physics and it's a prosperous theory of everything (TOE).

By superstring theory, every matter is composed of a tiny string, through its vibration in different modes and frequencies, generating different forms of matters we seen. The principle is similar to the one with the string in violin producing different harmonics.

Superstring theory also established the concept of 11-dimension and 26-dimension, unified force field as well as M-theory. You can have a taste of these in the book. There can't many books written for superstring theory, and this is one of those, but it's extraordinary writings brought it as the 2000 Pulitzer Prize finalist.

I remembered when I first get in touch with superstrings, was in my Form 1 study, through Newton magazine. I was attracted by the illustration and explanations, though the content is not much. If you are same as me, like this kind of theory very much, do read this book. However, one last point, as this book comes with a lot of physical concepts, it would be better if you know basics relativity.

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