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Astronomy are an ever-changing science, simply reading books is not enough for catching this changing world. Therefore reading some of the frontier articles in magazines can improve your astronomical insight.

In this page, I will introduce some magazines as well as journals. But more importantly, this page serves as a database for categorized articles.

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Sky & Telescope :: [August 2003] [Older issues]

* The Iceball Next Door
* Gamma-Ray Astronomy Achievs Stardom
* Own a Piece of the Sky
* Observing the Volcanoes of Mars
* Coping with Atmospheric Dispersion
* Creating High-Resolution Color CCD Mosaics with Photoshop

Nature :: [2003-07-03] [Older issues]

* The history of air
* Heartbeats of a neutron star
* Nuclear-powered millisecond pulsars and the maximum spin frequency of neutron stars

* Quasi-periodic X-ray brightness fluctuations in an accreting millisecond pulsar

New Scientist :: [2003-06-28] [Older issues]

* Written in the Stars

Science :: [2003-06-27] [Older issues]

* The Surface of Mars: Not Just Dust and Rocks
* Mapping Long-Term Changes in Earth's Magnetic Field
* Morphology and Composition of the Surface of Mars: Mars Odyssey THEMIS Results
* CO2 Snow Depth and Subsurface Water-Ice Abundance in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars

Discover :: [July 2003] [Older issues]

* Tiny Tornadoes

American Scientist :: [Jul-Aug 2003] [Older issues]

* Ice at the Lunar Poles


Astronomy :: [July 2003]

* Goldolocks and the three planets
* Trial by fire
* Seeing Sharper
* Sagittarius
* Simple skyshotting
* A visit to Star Hill Inn
* Gunning for the gas giants

Scientific American :: [July 2003]

*The Galactic Odd Couple

Physics Today :: [April 2003]

* Supernovae, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe

Physics World :: [May 2003]

* Optical interferometry

Mercury :: [May-June 2003]

* Year Without a Summer
* Hello? Are You Still There?
* Stellar Flash-Bulb
* Big Clusters, Tiny Galaxies

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